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Terms and Conditions of Cleaning & Repair

Terms and Conditions for Cleaning & Repair
We are happy to provide you a free estimate for your rug’s professional cleaning & repair services. Each rug is different. Our rug experts will help you decide the best way to take care of your rug.

Estimated Cost
Please note that the estimate is solely based on the information that you provide to us, and certain information may not be evident at the time of the quote. The true price of your cleaning & repair may differ once we actually receive and inspect the rug.

Turnaround Time
The total turnaround time for cleaning and repair jobs is around 2-6 weeks, sometimes being more or less.

Our cleaning process is an old fashion overall wash, and our cleaners make every effort to remove stains and eliminate most pet’s odours during the washing process. However, we cannot guarantee their removal.

We extend to our customers our best effort and competent service at all times. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any defects, stains, abrash (natural colour change), or shrinkage that may be unknown and undetected before cleaning. We are not responsible for any other damages occurring during the washing process under conditions of which we have no control over.

For the protection of our customers, we maintain in effect insurance coverage against physical loss by fire, burglary, theft, or damage while in transit. Such insurance will be for an amount not exceeding the actual value of the rug at the time of incident, after proper deduction for depreciation, but never more than $500 per piece, unless customer wants to purchase additional insurance and we agreed to a greater amount in writing.

Due to the labour required for the service, cleaning and repair fees are non-refundable.